About me

Welcome to my journey

Hi, I am Liz!

I want to take you on my journey through the world and through my life. Would like to show you that it is possible to live and travel alone in a van even without experience. On this page you will find some information about me, as well as the answers to questions I am often asked.

You are also an outdoor person, or would like to become one? How nice! But you don’t know yet where to go next, or if solo vanlife is really a good idea? Then you’ve come to the right place, because I’ve been traveling alone with my van through Europe and the world for two years now and I can only recommend it to you. Here I share all my experiences about vanlife and traveling alone with you. Give you helpful tips and realistic insights into my life in the van. You will also find inspiration about all the countries I have traveled to with Otto.

Three years ago, vanlife was just a fixed idea for me. Without any experience of building, screwing and sawing, I dismantled 2020 Otto together with my father. The construction is simple and the expansion only took 10 weeks, but Otto has been a loyal travel companion for two years and I have everything I need in him. And then I just left and had no idea that I would never come back. Alone with Otto I traveled through all of Eastern Europe and even made it to Asia in Turkey.

The whole journey, all countries, ups and downs I share for 3 years on Instagram. Every day I take you with me in my stories in my vanalltag, or to discover the world. Follow @moreorliz on Instagram and make yourself comfortable in the passenger seat – let the wild ride begin!

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I make money?

I work as a freelance copywriter and social media manager. On the side, I’m trying to get a foothold with Instagram

2. Are you travelling solo?

No, of course not! I travel with Otto, the best and most faithful travel companion I could wish for. Or with my faithful backpack

3. Aren’t you scared alone?

I firmly believe in the goodness of the world and people. So no.

4. Where are you going next?

The first thing I learned on this trip is not to make plans, because it usually turns out differently. So honestly – I have no idea!

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